Special Design & Technical Competence

Publication and Grant Applications

ICA provides an array of services for our clients. Although our proximity from the immediate project areas are somewhat distant, rest assured that ICA will provide a quality, detailed and attentive service to its clients. Our highest priority is to provide quality services in a timely manner. We believe in continued and close communication with the client once the project is under way.

Over the years, ICA has obtained the latest in computer technology and experienced personnel capable of utilizing that technology to provide Community Development Block Grant (C.D.B.G.) administrative and technical services. Thus, we are able to offer a high quality product at a minimal cost and within prescribed time frames.

One of the more common grant applications completed by ICA requesting funding, “C.D.B.G, Las Colonias” Set-a-side is a portion of the total federal C.D.B.G. funding allocated within the State of New Mexico, targeted for those incorporated or unincorporated communities within a 150 mile radius of the United States/Mexico Border for the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. A designation document was developed to illustrate the severity of the problem area.

Environmental Documentation and Permitting

Efficiency in obtaining environmental permits is simply achieved through experience. Experience is not only in the type of permits that are required but the surrounding natural resources affected by the project, as well as other issues that might affect the permitting process, i.e., facility operation issues. ICA multi-disciplinary team of natural resource professionals and permitting specialists, possess the knowledge, experience along with an established professional working relationship with the environmental agencies to successfully assist our clients in obtaining permits and filing pertinent documentation.

Our team of specialists has over 100 years combined experience assisting both government and private clients permitting various types of projects including; Transportation Projects, Pipeline and Transmission line, Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Development, Environmental Compliance and Monitoring.







Project Concepts and Engineering

ICA is a young firm, however; our associates have extensive experience with grant applications and technical services for municipal and other types of improvements.

With over 55 years of combined experience involved with federal and state projects, ICA has gained insight into potential problems that may be confronted in the administrative procedures related to planning, design and construction phases of proposed improvements.



In this illustration, the School buildings on both sides of the street were being inundated every time a moderated rain storm threatened the area. ICA was able to see the problem, thus, developing a concept that would alleviate any future inundation. Although somewhat unorthodox, this design has proven successful.

This project and others similar were made possible through joint powers agreements with Municipal Schools Districts, and municipal governments. ICA is instrumental in all phases of development. The rapport that we have developed with clients and state government representatives allows us to maintain open lines of communication.


ICA provides a full range of services to meet the engineering planning needs of municipal, state and federal agencies. The scope of our services may range from a preliminary mapping and feasibility study to a detailed master plan.